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What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a process of eliminating excess body fat using the method of vacuuming or suction. During the operation, hollow tubes are inserted through small cuts in the skin and fat is sucked out of it using a powerful suction machine. Liposuction improves the body contour and in some cases, can contribute to improving the overall health of an individual. If you want to get yourself a liposuction at the Sydney area, then book a consultation with the professional surgeons now to get the treatment done at a very low cost. Our clinic offers the latest technology in laser liposuction, where fat cells are melted down and loosened prior to the suction process. This allows the body to heal faster and reduces the amount of bruising as compared to older techniques. Please call us today and speak with one of our staff who can explain the process to you in more detail!

Surgery Overview

Liposuction can be used to remove small areas of fats that are already difficult to lose naturally through diet and exercise. It works best to individuals with stable weight and elastic skin. The areas commonly treated with liposuction procedure are:

  • abdomen
  • arms
  • buttocks
  • hips or love handles
  • neck
  • thighs

Recently an improvement in liposuction techniques made the procedure easier, safer and less painful. These are the following:

  1. Tumescent Liposuction. This type of Liposculpture involves the use of a local anaesthetic to numb the area of the body where the hollow tube will be inserted. Then an anaesthetic solution containing lidocaine is injected to the fatty tissue prior to the procedure at Sydney liposuction. It may not require general anesthesia
  2. Ultrasound-assisted liposuction. A technique that makes use of ultrasound in order to liquefy the fat and make it easier to eliminate.
  3. Laser-assisted liposuction. Like the ultrasound-assisted liposuction, this procedure also liquefy fat but with the use of low-energy waves. Liquefied fats are then removed using a small cannula. Liposuction is normally done in an outpatient procedure in a completely equipped ambulatory office, hospital or a doctor’s office. Generally, it doesn’t require an overnight stay in the hospital unless a material volume of fat is removed. Some cases require the use of local anesthesia. And sedation may not be given to you to help you relax. If a large quantity of fat is to be treated, a general anesthesia or a deep sedation with local anaesthetic may be used.

The basic intention of liposuction at the Sydney area is not to reduce body weight but to reshape areas of a body. These liposuction areas are typically those areas which have not responded to well to diet and exercise. The areas commonly treated are the abdomen, back, face, buttocks, neck, legs and upper arms. The often treated areas are on the outer thighs and hips of women and the waist and back for men. Liposuction is sometimes combined with other cosmetic procedures like the tummy tuck, facelift and breast reduction. Moreover, this procedure is cheap in cost as compared to others. Liposuction can also be used in the treatment of certain medical conditions. And these include the following:

  • Lipomas
  • Gynecomastia or Pseudogynecomastia – The abnormal enlargement of the male breasts
  • Lipodystrophy – Problems with metabolism of fat in the body
  • Axillary Hyperhidrosis – The excessive sweating in the armpit area

Having liposuction in Sydney is an effective way to remove deposits in small areas. But the regain of weight after a liposuction may result into the return of the removed fatty lumps or it may also appear in other areas of the body. The improvement in body contour is usually noticeable right after the surgery and it may continue for several weeks or months. The after effects of undergoing a liposuction may not be visible for several months to years.

Risks and Considerations

Generally, liposuction does not tighten the skin over the treated area, except for the laser liposuction. Normally, theskin around the area is somewhat loose. It may reach 6 months before the tightening of the skin around the treated area happens. Though there are people with skin that are very elastic and quickly retract. Younger skin tends to be more elastic than older skin. People who anticipate that engaging in liposuction Sydney helps in weight loss are usually disappointed.

Keep in mind that liposuction is not a recommended substitute to weight loss. Many people can lose weight, tone up themselves and minimize fatty areas in the body with a combination of exercise and healthy diet. If all of these measures fail, then only a person can resort to getting a liposuction.

Before choosing to get yourself a liposuction, be sure to discuss other possible options including cost with your surgeon. Think carefully about the risks and the benefits it can give you. But on the bright side, such risks can be minimized if done correctly by a professional surgeon at laser liposuction Sydney.

Date Modified - 12/01/2020

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