About Inspire Cosmetics

Inspire Cosmetics boasts one of the largest networks of surgeons throughout Australia and New Zealand. When you call our team and express your requirements or interests, we will be able to match you with surgeons in our network based on your preferred procedure, price, travel abilities, time off work and geographical location to help you name a booking with a highly qualified practitioner. Sticking to a stringent system allows our team to identify who, when and where you could have your procedure done. There are many options all around the country and knowing where to start is a very difficult and lengthy process. Using the team at Inspire Cosmetics will save you time and money as we transparently show you what is being charged around the country, and how qualified and experienced each surgeon is.

How Much Does it Cost?

Using Inspire Cosmetics will not cost you any extra fees or charges when making a booking. You can expect to pay the same price you would if you approached any surgeon directly. In most cases, it will be cheaper booking with our team!

How Can I Get Started?

To get started you will need to phone our staff and complete a surgical assessment. This will entail your medical history and your desired outcome of the requested procedure. With these options you will be able to either contact those surgeons yourself, or make the inquiry through us. Either way, we will ensure you get the best services available.

Highest Rated Low-Cost Liposuction in Australia

If you’re looking for the best surgeons across all of Australia to help remove unwanted fat from your stomach, thighs, arms or anywhere else on your body, you’ve come to the right place. We are a nationwide group of surgeons providing the best quality procedures at affordable prices.